Patient Testimonials

With over 330,000 patients who have been helped with Balloon Sinuplasty, and hundreds more experiencing it each day, there are many success stories showing it to be a safe and effective procedure that can provide real relief from painful sinusitis symptoms.

Some of these former chronic sinusitis patients suffered repeated sinus infections, and many of them tried multiple sinus treatments, including over-the-counter (OTC) medications and antibiotics, before they experienced Balloon Sinuplasty. They have found symptom relief, better quality of life, and more active lifestyles following the procedure.

Here are just a few of the success stories shared by patients who have benefited from Balloon Sinuplasty. If you have a success story to tell, please share your story.

James C., Balloon Sinuplasty Patient

After his sinus symptoms got increasingly worse over a period of five years, James decided he needed to do something about it. He started with over-the-counter medications. When those ceased to work, he sought his doctor’s help. ...

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Christian Maike's Pediatric Patient Story

Christian Maike, Pediatric Patient

Christian Maike is like any other little three-year-old boy. He’s playful, rambunctious, and quick with a cute smile. Except he’s not like just any other little three-year old boy. Christian was born two weeks early. He was born with nine holes in his heart. He had open-heart surgery when he was just three months old and weighed barely 10 pounds. ...

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Susan C.'s Chronic Sinusitis Story

Susan C., Realtor/Salesperson

Before I had the surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty Technology, people would say to me, "You always have a cold," because I was always congested. I had difficulty breathing, both during the day and ...

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Amy U.'s Chronic Sinusitis Story

Amy U., Clinical Research Specialist

I've had chronic sinus issues for around 20 years. I've tried every medication possible. I saw my primary care physician, then went to an ENT, then an allergist then back to the ENT because the allergist had nothing else to offer. I was frustrated ...

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Dawn Burley's Chronic Sinusitis Story

Dawn Burley, Student and non-profit caseworker

I would have always pressure in my face, just constant to the point where if I ever touched it or someone else touched my face, it would be painful. I also would have just kind of constant stuffiness. I ...

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Marshall Faulk's Chronic Sinusitis Story

Marshall Faulk, NFL MVP, Superbowl Champion, Broadcaster

After my NFL football career, when I wasn’t working out every day of my life, my sinus problems started to magnify. When I was at work broadcasting, I started having severe post nasal drip and started ...

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Carrie M.'s Chronic Sinusitis Story

Carrie M., Courtroom Clerk

Before surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty Technology, a typical day would start with a headache, sinus congestion, and ear fullness. Sometimes my sinuses were so swollen that I’d go out in the cold ...

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Sally M.'s Chronic Sinusitis Story

Sally M., 5th Grade Teacher/Caregiver to young son

When I suffered from chronic sinusitis, I would have a hard time sleeping at night, my breathing would be difficult, and the post-nasal drip was so bad that it would cause issues with asthma. I wasn’t ...

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Sherwin G.'s Chronic Sinusitis Story

Sherwin G., Allergist

I'm a practicing allergist, so I see patients in my practice who suffer from chronic sinusitis. I myself have been allergic for most of my adult life, and started developing chronic sinus problems a few ...

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